Vous trouverez ici régulièrement les déclarations de presse:

Brussels, 4 November 2016
Final Report: European Congress of the EFBS in Budapest (in German)

Budapest, 19 October 2016
New presidium of the European Federation of Building Societies elected

Prague, 5 November 2015
EFBS reaffirms criticism of Capital Markets Union

Brussels, 10 February 2015
EFBS: Plans for new Green Paper jeopardize sustainable investments

Brussels, September 2014
Zehnder re-elected as Managing Director

Brussels, September 2014
IUHF 100th Anniversary

Brussels, December 2013
Consideration of low risk models under the Deposit Guarantee Schemes’ Directive

Brussels, November 2013
Board of the European Federation of Building Societies re-elected

Brussels, July 2013
Single Resolution Mechanism: European Federation of Building Societies calls for the right priorities

Vienna, June 2013
Press release on the second joint congress of the European Federation of Building Societies with the International Union for Housing Finance on 5/6 June 2013 in Vienna

Brussels, April 2013
The rationality has won: Agreement on Mortgage Credits

Brussels, March 2013
Bausparkassen: EU-vote for long-term savings products

Luxemburg, October 2012
50th anniversary of the European Federation of Building Societies

Brussels, October 2012
The EFBS welcomes the measures of safeguard proposed in the report of the Liikanen-Group

Brussels, June 2012
The European Bausparkassen welcome the result of the vote on the Mortgage Credit Directive

Brussels, November 2011
International Union for Housing Finance: New Secretary General

Brussels, October 2011

Brussels, March 2011
Mortgage Credit Rules are Counterproductive

Brussels, November 2010
Board of the European Federation of Building Societies (EFBS) re-elected

Brussels, September 2010
European Commission‘s plans will adversely affect mortgage finance mechanisms - concerns about disadvantages for consumers

Munich, May 2010
Joint Congress of the European Federation of Building Societies and UNECE discuss requirements of crisis-proof systems

Brussels, April 2010
Study: European regulation of mortgage credit is not the right approach to facilitate
cross-border offers

Brussels, March 2010
EFBS: Personnel

Brussels, February 2010
EFBS: No force on the SEPA regulation

Brussels, September 2009
Regulation of mortgage credit at EU level not justified by financial crisis

Brussels, July 2009
Barrage fire from Brussels

Brussels, December 2008
Taxpayers' money for subprime system?

Strasbourg, April 2008
EFBS welcomes EU decision not to regulate

Brussels, January 2008
Consumer credit directives foil climate protection goal  

New Study

The study 
"A European Internal
Market for Housing
has been prepared by the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln (IW) in cooperation with Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschafts-forschung Mannheim (ZEW) and the University of Bonn.